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Haiti Projects

Before COVID hit in 2020, Solar Under the Sun had installed 40 solar power systems in Haiti. Of those, most systems are used to power clean water systems provided by joint teams from Living Waters For The World

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, we no longer send teams. Instead, we now act as a knowledge base for our Haitian Partners. Also, thanks to the Presbyterian Women's Birthday Offering, Solar Under The Sun has been able to offer grants to some Haitian communities. 

If you would like to donate via credit card to the future solar power systems in Haiti, please click here and specify "Haiti Solar Projects" in the comments box. 

For more information on systems in Haiti, please contact our office at

Project # Status Installation Date Country Community Initiating Partner Operating Partner Site Type
161 In-Progress 3/11/10 Haiti Institute Racine
171 In-Progress 1/1/00 Haiti The Global Orphan Project
162 In-Progress 6/24/10 Haiti Rudy Joseph's place
163 In-Progress 6/24/10 Haiti Orphanage Project Pasti Charlier
172 In-Progress 1/1/00 Haiti LBST Orphan Project
164 In-Progress 10/8/15 Haiti Single Family Home system- Myer Home
173 In-Progress 1/1/00 Haiti Cap Haitien
175 In-Progress 1/1/00 Haiti The Global orphan Project
176 In-Progress 1/1/00 Haiti The Global Orphan Project
174 In-Progress 1/1/00 Haiti Port au Paix
149 In-Progress 9/29/15 Haiti Musac, Lavale de Jacmel School
  In-Progress 1/10/20 Haiti Mark Upson Orphanage & Training Center
135 In-Progress 2/1/13 Haiti Dumay 1st Presby Richmond, VA Healing Art Mission School/Community
117 In-Progress 9/1/11 Haiti Meribalais 1st Presby Richmond, VA Haiti Micah Project/St. Pierre Church/School/Clinic
126 In-Progress 5/1/12 Haiti Cap Haitien 1st Presby, Pulaski, TN Saint Esprit Eglise/College Church
127 In-Progress 5/1/12 Haiti Cap Haitien 1st Presby, Pulaski, TN Centre Evangelique Baptiste des Freres du Calvaire-Balan Church
113 In-Progress 8/1/11 Haiti Cherident 2nd Presby Little Rock, AR Haiti Education Foundation School/Clinic
115 In-Progress 8/1/11 Haiti Trouin 2nd Presby Little Rock, AR Haiti Education Foundation School
114 In-Progress 8/1/11 Haiti Cherident Guest Quarters 2nd Presby Little Rock, AR Haiti Education Foundation Guest Quarters
116 In-Progress 8/1/11 Haiti Myer 2nd Presby Little Rock, AR Single Family Home Ancy's Mother
137 In-Progress 2/1/13 Haiti Fond-Pierre Alexandria First Presbyterian, NJ St. Peter's Catholic Church Church
168 In-Progress 11/19/13 Haiti Baptiste Church of Charpentier Bower Hill Community Church Baptiste Church of Charpentier / Pastor Joel Cazeau Church/Water
143 In-Progress 4/1/13 Haiti Camp Perrin Bower Hill Community Church, PA OSHUN Project Community
132 In-Progress 11/1/12 Haiti Chavaneau Bower Hill Community Church, PA Hearts United with Haiti School/Community
131 In-Progress 11/1/12 Haiti Torbec Bower Hill Community Church, PA Episcopal Church, Torbeck Church
145 In-Progress 8/1/13 Haiti Bainet Central Presbyterian Church Ascension Parish/Episcopal Church/School
101 In-Progress 7/1/09 Haiti Arcahaie ChristChurch Presbyterian, Houston Pere Irnel/St. Thomas Parish Church/School
106 In-Progress 8/1/10 Haiti Limbé ChristChurch Presbyterian, Houston Jela School/Foundation School
141 In-Progress 3/1/13 Haiti Limbé East Union Presbyterian Church, PA Seventh Day Adventist Church, Limbe Church/Community
166 In-Progress 1/1/00 Haiti Balan First Presbyterian Church Pulaski, TN Freres du Calvaire School/Water
152 Completed 12/1/17 Haiti Christ Roi, Monchil First Presbyterian Church, Camden, AR and Pines Presbytery PCUSA. Christ Roi School, Haiti Education Foundation, Monchil school
146 In-Progress 4/11/14 Haiti CoreLuv Orphanage First United Methodist Church Shreveport, LA and First Presbyterian Church Shreveport, LA Jake (Don't know last name) Orphanage
128 In-Progress 6/1/12 Haiti Les Cayes Fondren Presbyterian Episcopal Church, Les Cayes Church
105 In-Progress 7/1/10 Haiti Leogane Fondren Presbyterian Roody Joseph Baptist compound
170 In-Progress 3/2/18 Haiti Chemallie/Citi Soleil Fondren Presbyterian Church God’s Promise in Haiti Water/Solar installation
125 In-Progress 4/1/12 Haiti Les Cayes Grandview UMC, KS Global Orphan Project (Big House) Orphanage
140 In-Progress 3/1/13 Haiti Philadelphia Green Valley UMC, Henderson, NV Global Orphan Project Orphanage
121 In-Progress 1/1/12 Haiti Meribalais Herndon UMC L'Ecole de Choix School
139 In-Progress 3/1/13 Haiti Cazale Herndon UMC, Herndon, VA Episcopal Church, Cazale Church/School
109 In-Progress 1/1/11 Haiti Blanket Baptist Church Herndon, VA UMC Blanket Baptist Church Church/School
107 In-Progress 9/1/10 Haiti Leogane Holy Spirit Catholic Church Notre Dame Orphanage Orphanage
144 In-Progress 6/1/13 Haiti Fond-Parisiens Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church St. Sacrement Eglise Episcopal Church/School
138 In-Progress 2/1/13 Haiti Port-De-Paix Memorial UMC, Elizabethtown, KY Sonlight Ministries Church/Community
169 In-Progress 3/8/14 Haiti Lavaud HOLD Orphanage and School Memorial UMC, Elizabethtown, KY Lavaud HOLD Orphanage School/Orphanage/Church/Water
124 In-Progress 3/16/12 Haiti Mare Plate, Port De Paix Memorial UMC, Elizabethtown, KY Eglise Baptiste Mare Grand Bois Church
142 In-Progress 4/1/13 Haiti Casa Major Presbytery of Southern Kansas Global Orphan Project Orphanage
129 In-Progress 10/1/12 Haiti Croix Des Bouquets Presbytery of Southern Kansas Foundation For Peace Community Outreach
167 In-Progress 4/8/14 Haiti Cambry Presbytery of Southern KS El Shaddai Ministries School/Orphanage/Church/Water
111 In-Progress 4/1/11 Haiti Darbonne Presbytery of Southern KS Pere Samuel St. Louis Church/School
110 In-Progress 4/1/11 Haiti St. Matthieu Presbytery of Southern KS Pere Phanord Church/School
112 In-Progress 7/1/11 Haiti Les Cayes Project Presbytery of Southern KS Global Orphan Project Orphanage
119 In-Progress 10/1/11 Haiti La Hatte Presbytery of Southern KS Global Orphan Project Orphanage
118 In-Progress 10/1/11 Haiti Cherette Presbytery of Southern KS Global Orphan Project Orphanage
120 In-Progress 1/1/12 Haiti Gonaives Presbytery of the Pines Global Orphan Project Orphanage
104 In-Progress 7/1/10 Haiti Leogane Presbytery of the Pines Global Orphanage Project Orphanage
108 In-Progress 10/1/10 Haiti Croix des Bouquet Presbytery of the Pines Global Orphan Project Orphanage
102 In-Progress 3/1/10 Haiti Port-au-Prince Presbytery of the Pines Pere Pacine/Institute Racine School
136 In-Progress 2/1/13 Haiti Gonaives Presbytery of the Pines Belle-Angel School School/Orphanage
133 In-Progress 1/1/13 Haiti Larevoir Raleigh Court Presbyterian, VA St. Timothee School School
134 In-Progress 1/1/13 Haiti Trouin Reg. 13, Episcopal Dio. of VA St. Marc Episcopal Church Community
123 In-Progress 3/1/12 Haiti Montrouis Solar Under The Sun St. Paul's Episcopal Church Church/School
103 In-Progress 5/1/10 Haiti Thomassique St. Vincent De Paul, MO St. Thomas Aquantas Catholic Church Church/School
130 In-Progress 11/1/12 Haiti Gros-Morne Valley Presbyterian Church, Portola Valley, CA Episcopal Church, Gros Morne Church
151 In-Progress 2/26/16 Haiti Solar for LWW water System at Cavaillon Orphange Zanmi Ayiti ESMI orphange

* Indicates stand-alone solar power system

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