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Believing that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, the vision of the Solar Under the Sun (SUS)– a covenant partner of the Synod of the Sun, a governing body of the Presbyterian Church (USA) – is to illumine our fellow human beings with hope and life through solar energy.

To do this, SUS trains volunteers to design and install solar power systems in communities that lack reliable electrical power. 

Solar Under the Sun:

Trains, through Solar School courses, the mission team leaders needed to help (Initiating Partner) become effective solar energy providers. These courses are included in two tracks:

Solar 1 – fundamentals of team leadership, partnership development and relationships, site review process, solar energy development, and

Solar 2 – field testing, assembly of fully functional solar panel units, culminating in the production of solar power, and preparation of Initiating Partners to train Operating Partners (global partners) to install, operate, and maintain their solar energy system

Equips partners with information for purchasing solar panels and other equipment needed in solar installations.

Links partners, if requested, with a community of need, so that they can begin the relationship-building process.

Supports teams and their Operating Partners by providing network opportunities with other installations in the same geographic area as appropriate networks are developed.

Our solar power systems capably run water treatment systems, such as those installed by our ministry partner Living Waters for the World. Solar power systems can also be used as a power source for communication, medical clinic refrigerators or x-ray equipment, or can help with lighting needs.

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