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Projects / Haiti / Blanket Baptist Church

A four panel system with deep well submersible 140' deep. Herndon United Methodist church in VA is the IP on this project.

A solar powered ozone water treatment system (LWW/SUTS) was successfully installed at Blanket Baptist Church by the HUMC team in January 2011. The Church, School and community were routinely utilizing the system until early February 2012 when the system was vandalized and the solar panels were stolen. Pastor Evens, the OP and one of the system operators immediately contacted the IP to ask for direction and/or assistance in returning the system to working condition. Inquiries were made as to how to make the system less prone to vandalism with valid responses. After prayer and consideration the HUMC team decided to make the system whole as soon as possible. HUMC is committed to the Blanket system operator salary for an additional 3 years and had that funding available to immediately use for the replacement solar panels with the guarantee to refund the account with additional fund raising and grant procurements.

HUMC was fortunate to know about a SUTS training team that was traveling to the Blanket area in March 2012, therefore eliminating the need for additional travel expenses for installation and system set up. This team was willing to use the Blanket install as a teaching tool, and perform/oversee the labor of readying the system to full working conditions.

The re-install was a success and Blanket has been producing clean drinking water for the church, school, and community with regular system reports back to the IP. In addition to utilizing the SUTS system for the LWW system, the operators utilize the extra power generated to enhance their church services, and supply the community with power to charge their cell phones.


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