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Once you've attended Solar School and are ready to go on a project, click below to request a project number.

Tell us about your project

Click the button below to share pictures and information about a project you've recently been on.

Tell us about a need

If you're aware of a community in need, please share some details with us so that we can make a difference.


After Solar School, there are several ways you can take your new skills out into the world and start lighting up lives. Solar Under the Sun has two programs to help you get started.

Solar Connect

SUS Connect - Ideal for churches/groups that already have a team and/or a project in mind and are ready to get started. If you already have a relationship with a community in need, we will connect you with one of our Solar Instructors who can answer questions and mentor you through your planning process and installation. If you have a team but don't know where to get started, we can connect you with a community in the developing world that need your help.


Solar Direct

SUS Direct - Ideal for individuals or small groups who have completed Solar School but want to get more experience on an actual installation before leading a trip on their own. SUS Direct will give you the opportunity to join a team, travel to the mission field, and work on a project under the direction of a SUS Team Leader. This will let you see our mission in action and give you the inspiration and hands-on experience you need to lead your own team in the future.

Join us in making a real difference.

Our mission is global in scope. Click the yellow countries to see more details.

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