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Mail checks payable to Solar Under the Sun:
Solar Under the Sun
P.O. Box 4804
Hagerstown, MD  21742-0804


Alternative Gift Giving

What is Alternative Gift Giving?

Instead of buying your dad a tie for Father's Day, why not buy a "watt" in his honor? Instead of giving Mom another book she may never read for her birthday, buy her a "battery!"

Your gift to Solar Under The Sun will help provide solar power to a community in need, and it can also be a gift to a friend or relative. Make a contribution in honor of someone close to you instead of buying a birthday or Christmas present. All you need to do is make a donation to Solar Under The Sun, download and print the beautiful two-sided postcard, and give it to them for any special occasion.

Imagine the joy your family and friends will receive in knowing they are helping to share the Light of Christ!

Download Christmas Card
Download Birthday Card


Suggested Donations

Below is a list of suggested giving amounts to personalize your gift; however, even a donation for as little as $1.00 will help light up the world:

1 Watt ($5)
LED Lamp ($10)
Amp DC Breaker ($13)
10 Watts ($50)
Wire ($78)
50 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel ($100)
Combiner Box ($105)
Solar Frame ($175)
6 Volt Battery ($175)
300 Watt Inverter ($200)
Control Box (Circuit Breaker) ($315)
Solar Panel (185 watt) ($370)
20' Pole ($425)
Charge Controller ($650)
Whole House 12 Volt System ($1000)


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